About us

Founded in 1999, Master Building Group has continued to provide superior building and renovation services across Australia. We provide expertise in project management, new buildings, designs, renovations, extension and granny flats.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to understand our customers desires whilst also providing our professional input in order to ensure that you receive the exceptional service required in order to build your dream home or development. We provide an abundance of experience and treat each project uniquely, adapting to each customers specific requirements.

Master Building Group is committed to innovation , habitability and sustainability in both residential , commercial construction and development. We have different divisions specifically tailored to provide our clients with end to end best possible solutions. Each division has a team of highly experienced specialists that understand the full gamut of what is required to successfully deliver for our clients. In addition, we have the benefit of knowledge sharing and pooling of resources across divisions to ensure the best possible outcomes for all involved.

Whilst continually striving to set new benchmarks in design and construction, MBG dynamic teams manage an ever-expanding portfolio of current and completed projects.

With a portfolio wide spread upon different sectors of the Planning and building industry, ranging from residential, high end residential, commercial, and mixed used .MBG have successfully delivered client with innovative, Habitable and sustainable solutions to meet clients expectations.

On the other end of the construction spectrum, MBG has adopted a 360 degree approach, with expertise ranging from concept through to post-completion handover. Because of these, we are able to offer solutions that cater to just about every development and construction requirement. We can perform the tasks as a whole or individual elements within a project. We deliver security, professionalism and positive results.

Our Professional Planning, Design and Management department has full hands in handling designs related to all categories: Residential, retail, industrial, hospitality, educational, etc….

Mike Darwich

Design Development & Management
Our Professional Small Projects team is ready to carry out home renovations and small building sites up to 2000m2.

Alex Darwich

Small Projects Construction
Our Professional Major Projects team is capable of handling major developments for multi dwellings and housing complexes as well as major retail in addition to the infrastructure required.

Michael Darwich

Major Projects Construction